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TRAINING COURSES    September – November 2020

AMGC training services have been disrupted due to the Global COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in travel restrictions. Though globally there are different conditions of the spread of the pandemic, it is observed that there is a general easing of restriction globally. In the case of Tanzania, hosting country of AMGC, there is a general drop of the spread of the pandemic and all restrictions have been removed.  All activities including schools and public gatherings have resumed normally since July 2020.
With regards to international travel restrictions, the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania issued a travel advisory on 29th July 2020 to the International Community residing in the country the following information on travel restrictions.

“All travelers entering the United Republic of Tanzania will be required to present upon arrival a valid NEGATIVE COVID-19 Certificate for RT-PCR from an approved laboratory tested within 72 hours before the actual travel date. In addition, the travelers will be subject to enhanced screening for COVID-19 infection. However, there will be no Mandatory Quarantine upon arrival.”

Therefore, AMGC would like to inform all visitors of the Centre for training courses, that it has resumed the training services as of the month of September 2020.  AMGC is happy to inform all that it has also started online training courses on some of the training courses it provides. Below is the schedule of the training courses for the months of Sep – Nov 2020 and the list of online training courses.
Those who are interested to participate in the training courses at AMGC facilities are advised to consult the airline they plan to travel with on the current requirements of travel to Tanzania when planning the trip to Dar es Salaam.

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