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The Analytical Fingerprint Laboratory (AFP) Team meeting held at AMGC on 10-12 May 2017 discussing overview of the project 2011-2019
AMGC Director General Mr Ibrahim Shaddad and senior AMGC officials meeting Hon. Prof Muhongo, the Tanzanian Minister of energy and Minerals and the current chairman of AMGC Ministerial Governing Council in Dodoma to brief His Excellency regarding the half year work performance of AMGC
Ceramics Trainees from Jamaica at AMGC
A meeting was held at the AMV Hall of AMGC on 14th December 2016 which was attended by a delegation from South Korea, AUC/AMDC representatives, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Mineral Development of Zambia and AMGC officials. The meeting discussed the Korean Government support to the AUC for the AMGI Pilot project in Zambia which was selected by the World Bank to benefit from this support.
Visit of H.E. Dr. Fatima Haram Acyl the AU commissioner for Trade & Industry, H.E. Peter Lokeris, State Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy of Uganda, H.E. Minister of Mining of South Sudan, and Mr. Chanda, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Mineral Resources of Zambia.
AMGC Governing council’s 36th annual meeting in Addis Ababa
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The Geo-information department main function is to promote the standardisation of all geo-science information available in the sub-region and its conversion into an accessible format for dissemination, with the view to improving accessibility to geo-science data to the public. The department's activities can be categorised in to three major areas:
  • Library and Documentation:
    for archiving earth science information of the region in the SEAMIC library for access to the public in both analogue and digital format;
  • Geo-science and Data Management:
    for digitisation of available information and archiving it in a standard format; and
  • Geo-science Data Processing and Mapping: for the provision of training and consultancy services on the utilisation of advanced GIS and data processing techniques


The services provided by the Geo-information department include:
  • Scanning, Digitising and plotting of maps:
    Scanning and reproducing of maps using high resolution full colour CONTEX A0 scanner and HP750C A0 plotter. Scanned images can also be supplied on CD-ROM and geo-referencing and/or vectorisation of the images can also be done. The out put digital files can be provided in formats compatible to major GIS packages. The department has the capability to further process the data for the integration the result with other data set (GIS compilations).
  • GIS applications:
    Data analysis using state of the art software packages such as MapInfo, ArcView, Geosoft and ER-Mapper.
  • Customised training courses:
    Training on geophysics, geochemistry, environmental geology and geo-science data handling are available and these courses can be designed according to need of the client.
  • Meta-databases:
    Regional databases, such as the "GIS based inventory of regional geochemical and geophysical exploration surveys in Eastern and Southern Africa" are kept up-to-date and made available to the public.
  • "One-stop-shop" for mineral data:
    Some member States of SEAMIC have mandated the department to sell their digital data on their behalf.
  • Forum for interaction among geo-scientists:
    Regular workshops, seminars and conferences are organised on the most relevant geo-scientific topics with the view to promote research and collaboration among the geo-scientists in the region.
  • Library function:
    The library of SEAMIC is open to the public for reference on documents in mineral exploration in Southern and Eastern Africa. The following additional services are also available:
  • Airborne radiometric data calibration:
    Gamma-ray spectrometry calibration using international standard calibration pads for ground and airborne Gamma-ray Spectrometry survey data.
  • Geophysical surveying:
    The department has expertise in geophysical surveying for groundwater and mineral exploration using electrical methods. The department has a 3 KW IPResistivity Unit consisting of a SCINTREX made TSQ-3 Transmitter with an IPR-10A Time domain Receiver, which is also available for rent.
  • Customised MapInfo applications for digitising maps.
  • DIGGA:
    For digitising contour maps at flight line or survey line intercepts with output directly to a line-based *.xyz file (GEOSOFT format). Digitising may be done optionally via a digitising table or on-screen from scanned image.
  • SAMPO:
    For digitising geochemical sample data from analogue maps Output directly to a multi-element *.xyz file (GEOSOFT format).
    For digitising profile maps with conversion to *.xyz file (GEOSOFT format)
Geoinformation Services
  • Data Capture and Analogue to Digital Conversion
  • Data Compilation and GIS
  • Data Standardization
  • Map Preparation and Publication
  • Data Dissemination Data Acquisition
    and Exploration Surveys
Training Services
Training courses are offered by the Centre, scheduled or upon request tailor-made, on different topics related to the mineral industry. Some of the course modules are developed internally and others are developed based on requests from customers.

Laboratory Services
  • Analysis of Precious & base Metals
  • Water Analysis
  • Wet Chemistry
  • Mineralogical and Petrological
  • Gemmological and Gem cutting
  • Sample Preparation and Ore Testing
  • Industrial Minerals Applications & Ceramics

Feature News & Events

Kenya Gem and Jewellery Trade Fair 2017

The Kenya Gem and Jewellery Trade Fair  is a trade exhibition that will be organized annually. One of the main advantages of holding the event is that it is the first of precise strategic steps towards re-establishing Kenya as a gem hub, not only regionally but internationally as well. In addition, the show / fair will create business and trade opportunities within this sector.

In addition the Gem and Jewellery show will seek to create valuable work partnerships between local stakeholders within the gemstone and jewellery sector by creating the opportunity to not only network but also to transact and develop new business opportunities. The trade fair will also create unlimited avenues for passing of relevant information to current and potential investors in the mining sector.

The first call for application for PanAfGeo Training in Geoscientific Information Management is now published

The first Call for Applications for PanAfGeo training organised by Work Package 7 has now been published. The WP7 will organise altogether nine (9) training sessions in Geoscientific Information Management across Africa during 2017-2019. Three (3) independent modules are proposed:

• WP7-A: Database management, handling of spatial data and GIS interface;
• WP7-B: Spatial data infrastructure – Data modelling – Interoperability standards – Data dissemination;
• WP7-C: Multilayer 3D geological modelling using dedicated geoscience software.

16-27 October 2017 | Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (in English)


The Ninth International Conference on the Geology of Africa (ICGA 2017)

The Geology Department of Assiut University invites scientists to gather in the capital of Upper Egypt for the Ninth International Conference on the Geology of Africa (ICGA 2017).
This conference is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied geological sciences. The "ICGA" is a biennial event since 1999 has taken place eight times in Assiut, Egypt;bringing together leading researchers, scientists and engineers in the domain of interest from around the world.
Read more

International Conference in Geology, Mining, Mineral and Groundwater Resources of the Sub-Saharan Africa

"Opportunities and challenges Ahead (11-13 July, 2017, Livingstone, Zambia)"
This Conference aims to bring together academics and researchers, industry and society (consumers of these goods and services), and key policy makers within the framework of the theme to: share their knowledge and experiences in order to explore ways and means of meeting the underlying challenges and prospects in basic and applied geoscientific research, exploration and mining, water resources development and management; build local capacity and geoscience education in Africa; provide an important forum to enhance regional and international co-operation; and present a forum for students, young scientists and professionals to listen, interact and develop contacts with international delegates and open prospects for future collaborative research, and even employment.
Download First Circular For more information please visit www.mines.unza.zm/conference

The 6th Arusha Gem fair

Arusha Gem fair
The Ministry of Energy and Minerals in collaboration with the Tanzania Mineral Dealers Association (TAMIDA) are jointly organizing the 6th Arusha Gem Fair (AGF) scheduled to take place from 3rd to 5th May, 2017 in Arusha. The AGF brings together premier gemstone and mineral dealersfrom East and Central African and International Potential buyers with the aim of making Arusha a centre for Gemstone business in Africa.

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