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The Service has a principal task of carrying out chemical analysis of geological materials (rocks, minerals, soil, sediment and concentrate) for public & private mineral sectors, the academia and small scale mining in the member states of SEAMIC in order to demarcate areas of economic mineral potential.
It also provides useful analytical data (of metals, water, soils, minerals, fish, sewage) for metallurgists, environmentalists, agriculturalists, road construction engineers, water engineers and others.

  • X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (S8 Tiger)
  • Hi-tech modern spectrometer with semi-quantitative and quantitative analysis
  • Large capacity sample loader with 60 samples at once
  • Rapid identification of unknowns in only two minutes
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (GBC 906 and GBC Savanta)
  • Flame, Graphite Furnace and Hydride Generation analysis for major and trace elements including environmental analysis at Pico-gram level.
  • ICP analysis - ULTIMA JY 180, Modern ICP OES with rapid analysis for most of the elements for environmental and geochemical analysis. Fully automated spectrometer with applications for data processing and storage.
  • Fire assay
  • Gravimetric gold analysis for high concentration of gold
  • Combined fire assay-AAS for trace concentration of gold and platinum group elements
  • Purity test of raw gold and upgrading of raw gold to 99.99% purity
  • Smelting of raw gold into bars
  • Water quality analysis for surface, groundwater and wastewater
  • Analysis of compounds by cell test kit
    • Nitrates,Phosphates,Chlorides,Sulphate,Nitride etc
  • Advisory and consultancy services on special fields like construction of laboratories.

xrf machine
Analysis using XRF


Training on relevant aspects of specialized chemical analysis of geological and environmental materials by short courses or attachment and tailor-made basis are also organized by the section. The training courses may include:
  • Instrumental analysis - theory and practice on various kinds of spectrometers
  • Analysis of gold and other precious metals
  • Environmental analysis and technologies
  • Modern laboratory management methods
  • Sample preparation and anlysis, etc.

This new service is introduced together with the commissioning of the Environmental Unit of the Section. The laboratory will contribute to national or regional EIA studies especially on mining and other related projects. EIA studies will help to improve decision making and ensure that development options under consideration are environmentally and economically sound and sustainable. This Section will bank on personnel and testing facility.

  • Small scale miners, medium scale exploration companies, institution engaged in the protection of environment and all others in mineral trade.
  • People interested in expanding knowledge in chemical analysis of geological materials, environmental samples and other related materials.


Mr. Edwin Gowele (BSc, Certificate in different analytical techniques) - Chemist and has more than 20 years experience in analysis of geological materials.
Mr. Gerald Niyukuri (Diploma in Laboratory Technology) - Laboratory technician and has long experience in assaying, AAS, ICP and other analytical methods
Mr. Edwin Gowele

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