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Qualitative and semi-quantitative chemical analysis of rocks, soil, water and other materials form mineral analysis and environmental studies, using the following techniques
•    X-ray fluorescence (XRF) method
•    Inductively Coupling Plasma (ICP) analysis
•    Flame and Graphite furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometric (AAS) analysis
Application of industrial minerals from locally available materials for production of ceramic tableware, low voltage insulators, fire clay crucible and the like
Geological sample preparation for analysis
Ore testing and beneficiation
Identification, grading and value addition of precious and semi-precious gem stones and ornamental stones
Petrological and mineralogical studies of rocks and minerals

i. Sample preparation
ii. Wet chemistry for whole rock analysis
iii. Mineral beneficiation such as mineral separation and leaching
iv. XRF and XRD analysis
v. Fire assay gold analysis and purification
vi. AAS, Graphite furnace and hydride generation analysis
vii. Rock and mineral identification
viii. Petrological and mineralogical analysis
ix. ICP analysis
x. Mercury Analysis

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